Soulscape Curates Transformative Wellness Travel Experiences for High-Flying Professionals

Soulscape is a UK based startup that specialises in curating high-end travel experiences rooted in creative learning, cultural immersion and complete wellbeing to create life-changing, transformative wellness journeys for highly-stressed professionals.

For many of us, we believe we’re working an eight-hour day, whereas in actual fact we could be spending 12-14 hours constantly in work-mode, given the additional time we have our heads buried in mobile devices or our brains are preoccupied with business chatter.

Not only do longer working hours take up almost 35% of our week, the extra time spent on daily chores or being connected to our devices can be a trigger for stress and anxiety. Ultimately, this has an impact on our nervous system and mental health, making us more susceptible to disease and life-threatening illnesses with research undertaken by Ohio State University linking excessive working hours to cancer and heart disease in women owing to their hectic schedules.

“We don’t gaze at stars anymore, or listen to streams. The cacophony of everyday living seems louder and more hypnotic than everything else. We are always in flux” describes Manjul Rathee, CEO & Founder of Soulscape. “But what if we lived in a space for a period of time away from all these nuances of everyday life? A space for oneself to nourish, to escape, to feel lost, to find, to heal, to experience, to shake off life’s cobwebs, to calibrate, to give ourselves permission to truly feel present.”

Tired of long working hours and the never ending stress despite a fat paycheck, Rathee had started planning regular breaks to do a ‘full system reboot’ (as she calls it) where each of these breaks had traces of creativity, culture and wellness. This self made formula had starting working well for her, so much so that she launched her own travel company that enables her to share her magic potion with others ensuring each Soulscape experience comprises of 3 carefully balanced components:

1. Creative learning

The act of learning a creative skill to contribute to the creation of something by applying yourself to it is simply blissful. You won’t get taken into a classroom or a boardroom, instead expect humble makers and craftsmen who haven’t been to fancy art schools but have inherited their artistic talents and skill from their predecessors. They converse in the language of the craft they are a master of and give an invaluable experience through that interaction.

2. Cultural immersion

People’s lives in lesser known places are fascinating, not only because our reality is so far removed from theirs but because their way of life is a product of their history, society and environment. Soulscape takes you into their lives – with permission and much gratitude of course. To learn how a family survives sub zero temperatures living in a mud house, why people wander singing folk songs and accepting whatever little they are given to upkeep an ancient tradition, why a tattoo is engraved on women’s skin to mark a significant period in their lives… are some of the truths shared and explored.

3. Complete wellbeing

Forget boot camps and high intensity training, instead you will meet gurus who have mastered the art of awakening our minds and bodies. From yoga to meditation, you will get taken on a holistic journey. The space and the place you may be in is designed to be conducive to this process and is set deep in nature. Soulscape even curates the food and drinks you have ensuring each gram of consumption is healthy, organic and plant-based.

The first experience was held in a lesser known village in Santiniketan, India last November where Rathee invited 8 like minded professionals to join her. After just a few days, one Soulscaper described “I felt like I was drowning in everyday life. Today I feel so much more like myself.”

“To actually see the healing and rejuvenating powers of what a Soulscape experience can have on a person from the first day they arrive to when they leave is just so fascinating to me” says Rathee. “It’s truly amazing.”

Join Soulscape on their next experience in the Himalayas from 5-12 August 2018, for 8 days of creative learning, cultural immersion and complete wellbeing.

About Soulscape

Founded in 2017, Soulscape is a UK based startup that specialises in curating high end travel experiences rooted in creative learning, cultural immersion and wellness.

Soulscape curates high end enriching travel experiences in different destinations worldwide throughout the year. Each experience is an incubator for an individual’s complete wellbeing where one steps in leaving behind the noise of everyday life and fills this void with creative learning, cultural immersion and wellness activities.

The team at Soulscape spends months getting to know local history, culture, artisans, yogis, craftsmen and their way of life to weave together 7 days of handpicked, curated and balanced activities.


Nabeena Mali
Head of Marketing

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