Soulscape and Project Atlas partner to enable leaders to thrive without burnout.

Lead, innovate and thrive without burnout. Soulscape and Project Atlas have set out on a mission to support leaders through travel expeditions that encourage growth and well being beyond boardrooms in unique parts of the world.


The social, mental and physical environments in which we work play a critical yet largely underappreciated role in our overall well being. 30% of founders suffer from depression and 27% suffer from problematic anxiety. Over 65% of startups fail as a result of co-founder conflict; which is higher than the divorce rate. Almost a third of failed startups cite mental health issues as a key to their failure.


While the medical community still hasn’t caught up with this, Soulscape, an ethical travel company based in London has joined forces with San Francisco based, Project Atlas, a support program for the emotional, mental, and physical health of founders, entrepreneurs and leaders to offer immersive travel expeditions to prevent burnout and grow resiliency.


Project Atlas’ Founder Support program was recently launched by Silicon Valley venture firm, Alpha Bridge Ventures whose mantra “healthy founder, healthy returns” speaks of how managing partners, Howie Diamond and Jake Chapman instill the belief that founders of a company should be supported in the same way as athletes.


Manjul Rathee, founder of Soulscape and award winning social entrepreneur says; “When you’re responsible for the success and leadership of a company, it’s impossible not to lose yourself in your work – your brain is constantly wired.”


Rathee who is also a co-founder to several other socials-ventures herself has been on the brink of burnout during various stages of her own career. “Founders are too often willing to put their own well being on the back burner, until they burnout, give up or damage personal relationships. Everyone is telling you to take a break, but there’s an underlying culture of setting high expectations and then feeling guilty if you’re not working hard enough and that needs to change. It’s easy to forget that people run companies, not robots, and the biggest asset to your company’s success is you.”


Kari Sulenes, founder of Atlas observes in herself and her clients, “Many entrepreneurs know that taking time away helps them to slow down in a way that ultimately speeds them up, but again and again people say they will skip the trip because they can’t turn off their brains or they’ve come to believe that, if they take a moment away, everything will implode! What I’ve noticed is companies, especially in their growth stages, failing because of people problems. As the founder or sole (and also soul) contributor to your business, taking time to get perspective, level-up and build a supportive community is key to avoid your own person-related issues. For those who are naturally curious and require variety, intentional and creative travel is vital to increasing energy and staying on your competitive edge.”


There is increasing research around how taking part in creative endeavors nurtures different areas of the brain in new ways, with data suggesting that engaging in creative tasks improves brain function by promoting the production of new neurons – crucial for maintaining a healthy central nervous system. Combine that with experiences of new cultures which not only helps develop key areas of the brain involved in language and reasoning but also provides the opportunity to learn and become more empathic.


Soulscape curates creative expeditions in lesser known parts of the world that fuse creative learning, cultural exploration and wellbeing to deliver immersive and transformative experiences whilst supporting local economies through ethical tourism. The partnership aims to provide select professionals with access to 1 to 1 coaching from a Project Atlas coach, before, during and after their Soulscape experience in Santiniketan, a UNESCO heritage site in West Bengal, India.


The first Leadership Expedition is scheduled for 16-24 February 2019 and is limited to 8 participants.

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