Our story

Soulscape is the brainchild of Manjul Rathee, a traveller and a social entrepreneur who has spent her life so far creating products and services for the greater good.

Growing up in India she travelled far and wide to some of the most fascinating and remote regions. But life changed fast. As a ‘grown up’ she was slogging in the city, completely wired with at least 3 mobile devices at all times living the fast life that made it impossible to even stop and take a deep breath. This is probably the story of many.

Manjul writes:

Our constant race from one place to another, from one thing to another, along with the boulder like tyranny of our schedules that we carry is making us numb to all that’s not in our calendar apps. Some try to beat ‘connectedness’ – but it creeps back in – like dark water, we drink not because we don’t know it, but because our conditioning makes us crave it.

We don’t gaze at stars anymore, or listen to streams. The cacophony of everyday living seems louder and more hypnotic than everything else. We are always in flux.

But what if we lived in a space for a period of time away from all these nuances of everyday life? A space for oneself to nourish, to escape, to feel lost, to find, to heal, to experience, to shake off life’s cobwebs, to calibrate, to give ourselves permission to truly feel present.

To fight this self created infinite fatigue of a so-called good life she started curating breaks that she found enriching – travelling to distant places and bringing together the three things she knew always worked for her: creativity, culture and wellness.

With a team of travellers and visionaries, we are now working hard to curate and share these truly enriching experiences with all those seeking fulfillment and more.

Soulscape creates access to people, their lives and talents, spaces and knowledge that can enrich oneself by bringing together creative learning, cultural immersion and wellness.

Our ethical values

We have an ethical approach towards curating all our travel experiences. We strive to make sustainable choices from accommodation, travel to activities and believe in building relationships with local communities rooted in fair pricing, honesty and respect.

We support local talents and economies

From local musicians to artisans and craftspeople, we strive to bring onboard local collaborators to join us in delivering incredibly rich and meaningful travel experience.

We pay fair wages

We believe in offering fair wages and conditions to all artisans and collaborators.

We care about local agriculture

So much of getting to know a culture it getting to know the local food. That’s why we try our best to source locally grown, organic produce to cook up delicious vegetarian meals that becomes a showcase of the local cuisine in itself.

Transparency in all our communication

We provide clarity in all information shared with collaborators and guests and believe in earning respect through honesty.

We prefer sustainable choices

We actively discourage unethical practices around waste, energy consumption, food consumption and opt for more sustainable choices regarding things like accommodation and transportation.

We have respect for all

We have a lot of gratitude for local people in all our destinations who allow us into their lives and do not compromise mutual respect under any circumstances.

The Soulscape team

Manjul Rathee

Founder & CEO

Nabeena Mali

Head of Marketing

Ranjeet Gill

Senior Experience Curator

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