East India

Nestled in the tropical forests of this soil-rich land, explore local tribes and traditions

Setting foot into this remote off the beaten track part of Odisha will completely transcend you. The rivers, mountains, forests create a series of live postcard-like sceneries, the stillness and quietness allow for the humming of the birds, beetles and local wildlife to become the true representation of life here. With life and traditions at their rawest best, Odisha is for the curious kind interested in exploring the rich traditions and histories of an incredibly modest people.


From protected tribes to carrying the legacy of an ancient Hindu kingdom, Odisha will present to you a buffet completely constructed with it’s stunning landscapes, the cultural richness and it’s raw art forms.

Odisha at a glance

Originally the ancient kingdom of Kalinga, later invaded by King Ashoka, followed by several others until India led her freedom revolution to reclaim herself back from the British, Odisha is packed with historical sites, pilgrimages and tales that date as far back as the first record of organised living systems in all of humanity.


As a whole Odisha is the place to go for Hindu pilgrims, the temples of Puri and Konark get a heavy footfall of around 2.5 million visitors a year!

A trip into the less populous parts of Odisha have a different tale to tell. In this expedition we will take you to Koraput where ways of living are untouched by modernity and held together by strong communities – from sharing the very basics in life to problem solving as a creative unit.


Life here is slow-paced, where events of the everyday kind unfold as the sun rises. The stars become dim as the sunshines explodes, the village of pottery makers start making their pottery, the fishermen pull out their wooden kayaks, the cattle set off for their feast in the woods, women with their elegant and steady postures start the several miles long journey barefoot (carrying upto 40 kgs)… all in preparation for the weekly market.

The weekly market is completely immersive experience into the values, culture and influencers of people here. The best craft, food product and sollop (wine made from fresh palm juice – the most organic in the world!) are on display and can be acquired for money or in exchange for something else.

For entertainment villagers chat around a fire, tell tales, sing and dance – this is their source of joy. Seldom will you see anyone wearing glasses, the elders are fit, there are no prams, everyone plays a crucial role in their community and people stick together through thick or thin.

Our magic potion

Complete enrichment where Soulscape serves as an incubator for you to enhance your mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and physical well being.

Wake up to the Kolab stream
Meet the potters
Healthy, organic, vegetarian meals
(and cookery lessons too)
Explore different communities
Soak in the village market activities
Dance away with fun-loving villagers
Meditate by the gush of Duduma waterfalls
Learn the lost art of wax tribal craft
Explore what locals here can do with Bamboo

Included in your experience

  • Hassle-free as we plan every little detail from your arrival to your departure
  • 2 nights stay at a 5* hotel in Visakhapatnam
  • Transaction-free leaving you no ‘extras’ during your Soulscape experience as we pay mutually agreed and fair renumeration to all our collaborators, and advise against tipping
  • Dedicated one to one support before, during and after your Soulscape experience
  • 7 nights stay in characterful accommodations in a private double room
  • All ground transport during your experience, including airport transfers
  • Abundant natural space to free your mind and body to wander, heal, dream
  • Exclusive access to lesser known places
  • Immersive learning from local craftsmen, artists and experts
  • Experience local cultures from the inside (rather than an outsider)
  • Daily meditation from a genuine, experienced and friendly Indian meditation expert
  • 3 daily healthy, organic and local Odia vegetarian meals plus drinks and snacks to keep you nourished
  • Small groups – we never have more than 10 participants at a Soulscape experience and you have complete control over your level of interaction
  • Ethical travel experience where we make more sustainable choices and believe in building relationships with local communities rooted in honesty and respect.

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I felt like I was drowning in everyday life… today I feel so much more like myself.
Haleh W.
India, Soulscape 2019


Once you reach Odisha, you’ll spend 7 nights in your own private double room or ensuite-tent.

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Useful info

You’ll need to fly to Visakhapatnam Airport in Andhra Pradesh, India.

You’ll need to apply for a Tourist Visa before your trip:


Documents needed:

1. A clear and coloured scanned copy of the Page of Passport which holds the personal details.

  • Format – PDF
  • Size – Maximum 2 MB

A digital photograph taken by a digital camera or phone camera with the head in the centre of the picture and a light coloured background.

  • Format – JPEG
  • Size – Maximum 2 MB

Additional info to complete your e-Visa will be emailed to you.

Important note: some areas in India have been declared as Restricted Areas. Good news is that you won’t be passing or visiting any of the protected areas during the Soulscape experience.

However, if you are planning on staying longer and visiting any of the restricted areas then you must get a PROTECTED AREA PERMIT.

  • Clothing: As different parts of India have varying outlooks to clothing from super liberal to conservative we suggest you bring along comfortable and light cotton clothing (tops, trousers, capris, long and standard shorts)
  • You’ll need some clothes you don’t mind getting mucky in
  • A jacket for cooler evenings
  • Books, games
  • Trainers / sneakers / comfy shoes you can walk around and do exercise in
  • Hat/Cap
  • Hand sanitiser

It’s time to switch off folks.

We aren’t going to allow the use of mobile devices or laptops. Please turn them off once you’re with us. In case of emergency, you will be able to contact a Soulscape team member who will give you access to the very patchy internet in the area.

Our experiences are limited to no more than 8-10 people.

Interaction wise, feel free to do your own thing, knowing that there’ll be a bunch of us around most of the time (and Indians love chatting and mingling – so no time is a bad time).

In July, days are warm at 25 degrees celsius and evenings are cooler at 12 degrees celsius.

Soulscape experiences are transaction free. The only things that aren’t included during the 7 days you’ll be with us are any personal expenses like shopping.

If you want to keep some cash on you then do note that the Indian Rupee is a restricted currency – only available in India. We recommend that you bring some cash with you and get it exchanged while in transit in Delhi or after reaching Leh.

Some people get vaccinated and some don’t. If you’re unsure, go visit your local GP or travel clinic.

India is 5 hours ahead of the UK. For example, when you are flying to Leh from Europe you lose time, and gain time when flying back.

Jetlag sucks. Here are a few ways to beat it.

We’d love to hear them. Email the team at hello@tosoulscape.com

If you reach Delhi a few days sooner or want to continue travelling after the Soulscape experience then drop us an email at hello@tosoulscape.com and we can help you plan your itinerary.

Namaskar – hello

Kemiti accho? – how are you?

Mu bhalare acchi – I am fine

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