Himalayas, India

Unearth the rare treasures of Ladakh in the mighty Himalayas

Journey with us to Ladakh in Northern India, along the Indus River where icy water flows from the young Himalayan glaciers and stretch your gaze from picture postcard like scenes of the changing colours of the mountains to mud houses, monasteries and sweet apricot trees. At 3,500 meters above sea level, Ladakh is for the curious seeker with an adventurous streak.


Several months of research, meeting local artisans, exploring micro cultures and a hundreds of namkeen chais later, the Soulscape team has crafted it’s Ladakh expedition. Learn from 10th generation Thangka painting artisans who labour for 3 months or more to create a single masterpiece. Drink chai with wood carvers hidden away in maze of workshops, and learn how they create the intricate designs that adorn temples.


Ladakh will transport you to ideologies rooted in creative expressions, thriving in what may seem to be extreme ecosystems and a humble existence rooted in Buddhism.

Ladakh at a glance

Set on trade routes to the East and South Asia, Ladakh’s heritage is as diverse as the mix of pebbles that line the bed of the Indus River, a once fertile floodplain that sustained the thriving ancient Indus Valley civilisation.


This ‘land of high passes’ was once Tibetan, once Dogra, once Mongolian and now part of Jammu & Kashmir state (India). Buddhism along with art and crafts blossomed here and artists were honoured by Kings and given the surname ‘Spon’ (artist).


Resilient by nature, Ladakhis share their friendliness with traditional ‘namkeen chai’ (savoury butter tea), freshly picked apricots and if you are in time – homemade beer ‘Chang’. Typically, Ladakhi homes (once made out of mud) come with underground chambers aka ’natural freezers’ to store grain and vegetables for the winter months – locals here take a zero waste approach to food and you will often find families apricots in their homes which you’ll quickly notice are abundant in the Summer.



A popular Bollywood film showcased some of Ladakh’s highlights to much of the Indian sub-continent, which has inspired travellers from all over the Asian continent and beyond to take the journey to the city of Leh. Tourism here is still less in comparison to other Himalayan destinations and is often consolidated to Leh and popular landmarks such as Pangong Lake, Nubra valley.

With travellers come new influences, young Ladakhis are increasingly leaving behind their ancestral homes and traditions to adopt new ways of living. This has resulted in fewer and fewer people up keeping traditional arts and crafts.

This decade will see a rapid change in the way of life of the Ladakhi people and is probably the last opportunity for the world to experience the dying traditions and arts of Ladakh. Travelling further away from Leh you will discover more remote, quaint and unspoilt villages preserved in a valley of the Himalayas, too small to be of interest to invaders, looters or mainstream tourism. This is where the magic is still intact.

Our magic potion

Complete enrichment where Soulscape serves as an incubator for you to enhance your mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and physical well being.

Wake up to the Himalayas
Learn the art of Thangka painting
Healthy, organic, vegetarian meals
(and cookery lessons too)
Explore the ways of the Ladakhi people
Yoga from local yogis
Digging out local treasures for you
Learn archery the Ladakhi way
Step into a 1000 year old monastery
Meditate by the Indus River - Once home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation

Included in your experience

  • Hassle-free as we plan every little detail from your arrival to your departure
  • Complimentary 1 night stay at a 5* hotel in Delhi with spa facilities – incase of a lay over. Click here for information on flight booking
  • Transaction-free leaving you no ‘extras’ during your Soulscape experience as we pay mutually agreed and fair renumeration to all our collaborators, and advise against tipping
  • Dedicated one to one support before, during and after your Soulscape experience
  • 7 nights stay in historic accommodations in a private double room
  • All ground transport during your experience, including airport transfers
  • Abundant natural space to free your mind and body to wander, heal, dream
  • Exclusive access to lesser known places
  • Immersive learning from local craftsmen, artists and experts
  • Experience local cultures from the inside (rather than an outsider)
  • Daily yoga and meditation from a genuine, experienced and friendly Indian yoga expert
  • 3 daily healthy, organic and local Ladakhi vegetarian meals plus drinks and snacks to keep you nourished
  • Small groups – we never have more than 10 participants at a Soulscape experience and you have complete control over your level of interaction
  • Ethical travel experience where we make more sustainable choices and believe in building relationships with local communities rooted in honesty and respect.

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I felt like I was drowning in everyday life… today I feel so much more like myself.
Haleh W.
India, Soulscape 2019


Once you reach Ladakh, you’ll spend 7 luxurious nights in your own private double room or ensuite-tent.

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Useful info

Leh airport is closest to Ule. It also happens to be a defence airport so look out for a glimpse of the fighter jets zooming in the sky!

Option 1: Book 2 flights

Fly to Delhi and enjoy a complimentary night stay at a 5* hotel with spa facilities then fly to Leh the next morning (flights take off and land before 12 noon in Leh due to its height). From then on you’ll be in our hands :)

Option 2: Book 1 flight

Fly to Leh via Delhi

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You’ll need to apply for a Tourist Visa before your trip:

Documents needed:

1. A clear and coloured scanned copy of the Page of Passport which holds the personal details.

  • Format – PDF
  • Size – Maximum 2 MB

A digital photograph taken by a digital camera or phone camera with the head in the centre of the picture and a light coloured background.

  • Format – JPEG
  • Size – Maximum 2 MB

Additional info to complete your e-Visa will be emailed to you.

Important note: some areas in India have been declared as Restricted Areas. Good news is that you won’t be passing or visiting any of the protected areas during the Soulscape experience.

However, if you are planning on staying longer and visiting any of the restricted areas then you must get a PROTECTED AREA PERMIT.

  • Clothing: As different parts of India have varying outlooks to clothing from super liberal to conservative we suggest you bring along comfortable and light cotton clothing (tops, trousers, capris, long and standard shorts)
  • You’ll need some clothes you don’t mind getting mucky in
  • A jacket for cooler evenings
  • Books, games
  • Trainers / sneakers / comfy shoes you can walk around and do exercise in
  • Hat/Cap
  • Hand sanitiser

It’s time to switch off folks.

We aren’t going to allow the use of mobile devices or laptops. Please turn them off once you’re with us. In case of emergency, you will be able to contact a Soulscape team member who will give you access to the very patchy internet in the area.

Our experiences are limited to no more than 8-10 people.

Interaction wise, feel free to do your own thing, knowing that there’ll be a bunch of us around most of the time (and Indians love chatting and mingling – so no time is a bad time).

In July, days are warm at 25 degrees celsius and evenings are cooler at 12 degrees celsius.

Ule is at an altitude of 3,500 metres. The first day will allow you time to rest and get used to the height and low oxygen.

Soulscape experiences are transaction free. The only things that aren’t included during the 7 days you’ll be with us are any personal expenses like shopping.

If you want to keep some cash on you then do note that the Indian Rupee is a restricted currency – only available in India. We recommend that you bring some cash with you and get it exchanged while in transit in Delhi or after reaching Leh.

Some people get vaccinated and some don’t. If you’re unsure, go visit your local GP or travel clinic.

India is 5 hours ahead of the UK. For example, when you are flying to Leh from Europe you lose time, and gain time when flying back.

Jetlag sucks. Here are a few ways to beat it.

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If you reach Delhi a few days sooner or want to continue travelling after the Soulscape experience then drop us an email at and we can help you plan your itinerary.

Namaste – hello

Aap kaise ho? – how are you?

Main theek hu – I am fine

Mujhe khana chahiye – I want food

Main shakahari hu – I am vegetarian

Ye kitne ka hai? – how much is this?

Mujhe madad chahiye – I need help





Thanks (informal)


Very respectful hello (only to a monk)

Chatsel jullay

(formal) Thank you

Toook jay shay

Add to end of sentence/response to show respect  


How are you?

Khamzang inalay?

I am well

Khamzang (lay)

Are you fine?

Neerang tik?

What is your name?

Neerang mingla chee in lay?

Where are you from?

Neerang ka nay in lay?

My name is…

Gneeya mingla…


Kasa (lay)


Mann (lay)

OK / Fine

Deegk (lay)

Come join us


Himalayas, India

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