Soulscape and Project Atlas partner to enable leaders to thrive without burnout.

Lead, innovate and thrive without burnout. Soulscape and Project Atlas have set out on a mission to support leaders through travel expeditions that encourage growth and well being beyond boardrooms in unique parts of the world.   The social, mental … Read More

The making of Soulscape and the story behind our unique blend of well being travel expeditions

I founded Soulscape in 2017, a travel company that enables people to enhance, stretch, enrich and rejuvenate their creative impulses. The idea of Soulscape is rooted in a simple phenomenon that our output is a mishmash of what we’re putting … Read More

7 steps to protect yourself from dreaded burnout

You’ve been focused, smart and dedicated. You’re on your way to what seems like an ideal goal snapping up other mini goals along the way. People praise you, promote you and tell you that you are indispensable. You’re in the … Read More

3 wellbeing secrets every high flyer should know

A superfoods smoothie, coffee made from beans sourced from high altitudes and the occasional HIIT gym session often serve as a quick but temporary fix to the daily stress many of us undergo. As highly intelligent creatures we are emotionally … Read More

Soulscape Curates Transformative Wellness Travel Experiences for High-Flying Professionals

Soulscape is a UK based startup that specialises in curating high-end travel experiences rooted in creative learning, cultural immersion and complete wellbeing to create life-changing, transformative wellness journeys for highly-stressed professionals. For many of us, we believe we’re working an … Read More