Transformative, ethical and hassle-free travel experiences

Stretch your perspectives and build resilience through an enriching blend of creativity, culture and wellness

Be an explorer not a traveller.

Soulscape curates raw experiences rooted in creative learning, deep cultural exploration and wellbeing.


Our experiences are seamless, ethical and transformative as people in remote communities share unique ways to solve problems, reinvigorating your creative impulses and encouraging your wellbeing through natural spaces, healthy eating and meditation.


For our collaborators in each destination we not only bring a much-needed income but are able to offer some reassurance that their art form, way of life and culture is pushed further away from extinction.


Return home with a renewed outlook, unforgettable memories and meaningful human interactions that will bend, shape and influence your life in a positive way.

Curating every little detail


We take an anthropological approach to understand local contexts, dig out hidden gems and build symbiotic relationships that live through our expeditions. 

Ethical travel

We have an ethical approach towards curating all our travel experiences. We strive to make sustainable choices from accommodation, travel to activities and believe in building relationships with local communities rooted in fair pricing, honesty and respect.


Creative learning

We don’t take you into a classroom or a boardroom, we take you to humble makers and craftsmen who haven’t been to fancy art schools but have inherited their artistic talents and skill from their predecessors. They will converse with you in the language of the craft they are a master of and give you an invaluable experience through that interaction.

Cultural immersion

People’s lives in lesser known places are fascinating, not only because our reality is so far removed from theirs but because their way of life is a product of their history, society and environment. At Soulscape we take you into their lives to explore rich cultural practices and performances that only an insider could access.

Feeling good

We don’t run boot camps or high intensity training, instead we bring onboard gurus who have mastered the art of awakening our minds and bodies. Our expeditions are like an incubator where your mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and physical enrichment is encouraged. We even curate the food and drinks you have ensuring each gram of consumption is healthy, organic and plant based to nourish your mind and body from the inside out.

Take a deep breath, and come join us...